Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library

Client Testimonials

Sixty Seconds

Dr. Dale Hilty
Assistant Professor, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Dr. Hilty is an enthusiastic user of the Library. He was one of the first users of our eSearcher federated search (see the search box at the top of every page of our library website.) His experience using eSearcher was part of our column in the October 2013 Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) entitled Implementation of a federated search in a multi-hospital system. In his own words,

I wanted to take a moment to share a "meaningful" experience with you. Yesterday, I was in my office and wanted to search for an article for my HLTH 292 course. During my 21 years of teaching at approximately eight different colleges/universities on a part-time basis, I cannot recall having such a satisfactory library experience. I went to the library website from my office computer. Typed the key words into the search box. Within 30 seconds, I found the article for my class. Soon thereafter, I had transferred the article to a pdf file. Originally, I had allotted 60 minutes for finding the article. I was pleased to use the remaining 59 minutes for other responsibilities.

Volunteer to Colleague

Toni Pallotta, MPA, MLIS
Consumer Health Librarian

Mount Carmel West patients have long known Toni and her cheerful outreach during her volunteer work with our Consumer Health Library's Patient Library program. Now we are privileged to have her here as a full time Consumer Health Librarian at the Mount Carmel Consumer Health Library in the new Community Health Resource Center. In her own words,

I had an excellent experience with my practicum and now as a volunteer at the Mount Carmel Consumer Health Library and with their Patient Library, it has been a very rewarding experience and I hope to be affiliated with them for many years to come. This is an excellent organization because of the exceptional Director and staff who work there. Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library is customer-driven and striving for excellence is central to every task.
The Director is very progressive in his vision of information professionals. At our core as librarians we are all information professionals, he has many excellent ideas and he and his staff will mentor you. If you want to grow as a librarian this is the place you want to be. All the staff have exceptional skills and work very well as a team. I have worked for over 35 years in various organizations in the public and private sector and I would have to say that I have been very impressed with what Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library has accomplished with this very dedicated staff.

We certainly have an awesome team in our Library! I am always impressed with how responsive you all are. Very quick TAT.
Chellee Hamilton, MS
Director, Mount Carmel Grove City

We are very pleased with our partnership and your service!
Kimberly Chamberlin, RN, MSN
Vice President, Patient Sevices/CNO
Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa

I greatly appreciate the prompt assistance in getting the new site up... Thanks again for all your help; you are a great resource for our program.
Lowell W. Chambers, MD
Staff Surgeon, Central Ohio Surgical Associates
Medical Director MC West SICU
Assistant Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program

Can I just say that the Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library is THE BOMB?! I always receive friendly, courteous, and speedy, service. Thank you, thank you!!
Peggy Shaw, MSN/ED, BSN, RN, OCN
Instructor, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Thanks to you and your staff for providing first rate service to our online students. We could not have an online program without you. You and your staff are helping us to build a strong reputation for online excellence.
Tara Spalla, PhD, RN
Associate Dean, Distance Education, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Thank you for your quick reply. I used the instructions you provided me and it worked perfectly. I am glad to be a student at Mount Carmel - the attention and promptness I receive from the faculty and staff is priceless. Thank you very much!
Yolanda Kelly
Graduate Student, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

As I just recently finished my doctoral studies, I wanted to thank you and your library staff for their superb knowledge and skills in helping me to find all of the articles and texts that I needed throughout my doctoral process. Everyone has always been so kind, helpful, and courteous that it made my journey much easier. I will never forget your kindness. Thank you to one and all.
Dr. Carol Peterson
Assistant Professor, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

I thank God for all of you. You have helped me greatly with this huge accomplishment; I am most grateful.
Dr. Shirley Cooley
Assistant Professor, Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Thanks [for the article]. I didn't expect a response until Monday. You are going above and beyond the call of duty.
Robert N. Steensen, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgery

I had my practicum at Mt. Carmel last semester and it was an awesome experience. The staff there is excellent, helpful, and friendly. As a library Mount Carmel is very forward thinking and technology focused. They stress customer service above all else. I would highly recommend Mount Carmel as a practicum site or a place to volunteer.
Sadie Allen, MLIS
Archivist, Nationwide Insurance

I shared an MCHS Library video with the operating room staff . . . Thank you for all your help & being persistent! I am most grateful!!!
Kathleen Enright, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA
Clinical Educator OR, MCSA Surgical Services

I wanted to take a second and thank you for the excellent research and articles you sent me . . . They made such a difference in clinical practice for us in the surgery department.
The research was reviewed by my neurosurgeons and, based on the articles, we have adjusted our practice . . . Your research showed us [how to] reduce the infection rate . . . You are a great resource and I appreciate your expertise!
Betty Jo Rocchio, CRNA, MS
Director, Surgical Services

Thank you for all of the information. I have shared your email with others on the leadership team. I’ll give you feedback on what we decide. Obviously, you have put a lot of thought into my request, and your stellar researching expertise is obvious!
Judy Hirschfeld, Injury Prevention Specialist
Trauma Services

Thanks soooo much for the articles. . . . You are an amazing asset to our committee.
Beth Macioce-Quinn, RN
MCW Medical Cardiac ICU